Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall & Furry Friends

Not much exciting has happened lately. This was the first weekend in weeks that Kent and I were both in Pensacola, so we really just enjoyed the beautiful fall weather here and ran around town for most of Saturday. We got into the Halloween mood and bought some pumpkins for the front porch (which will later be carved) and then watched the old Jamie Lee Curtis movie, "Halloween", which Kent found to be cheesy, but I always enjoy.

Today we've both been in work mode. Ugh. I have a presentation tomorrow and on Tuesday. I'm guest lecturing in a Personal Health class tomorow on Eating Disorders and Body Image. Tuesday I'm doing a training seminar for our staff on eating disorders treatment. I will be eating disordered out by the end of this week!

On a side note, Kent's 2 cats moved in with me and Fritz mid-August. I think everyone involved was nervous about how that would work out, but check out this picture I got tonight:

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Emily said...

The countdown is getting lower!!! Just got my rehearsal dinner invitation today!