Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bird, bird, bird...a bird is the word

We had some people from my work over for dinner on Friday. I was trying to get ready before people started getting here, and I opened the door to let Fritz outside and a bird flew straight in the house as if he had been waiting for me to open the door. Of course Kent was not home yet, but he wasn't far. Kent has experience removing birds from the indoors from his time working in the weight room at A&M...they used to open the doors to let fresh air in, and in the birds would come. I felt sorry for this little guy because he was in the sunroom, so he kept flying into the windows trying to get out. Kent finally got him out with a towel and he was one happy birdie to be back outside.


Emily said...

How funny! We've had a bird fly straight into our dining room window from the outside, but never in the house. I can only imagine!

Holly said...

It's a good thing Brisco the cat wasn't around for that! I hope the word gets around that birds should steer clear of our house!