Thursday, May 28, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

This is what our minds have been going through for the past week. I HATE making decisions...especially BIG ones. Kent was called out of the blue last week and offered the position of football strength coach for Texas Tech. They also just happen to have a psychologist position open at their counseling center.
I think our minds have changed about 10 times an hour for the past week. There are lots of perks that go along with coaching Big XII. You have the fun of games and Bowl Games and free clothes, free cell phone, possibly free car, bowl bonuses, etc. However, the cons would be that Kent would be working from about 5:30am-7:00pm everyday...including weekends. We also wouldn't get Christmas off because that's when we'd be going to a bowl game. And did I mention we'd be living in Lubbock...9 hours from his family and 16 hours from mine? It was seriously a hard decision...HARD.
We FINALLY decided yesterday that we'll be staying put in Pensacola. It's no Big XII, but it is more freedom. The money they were offering just wasn't enough to justify all of the cons.
To rub some salt in the wound...I went home for lunch today and as I was driving back to work I got behind a truck with 2 Texas Tech stickers on it. I have NEVER seen a single Texas Tech reference since I've lived in Florida. Sigh.


Holly said...

At least you won't have to listen to the Red Raider fans singing "Po-o-o-o-or Aggies!"

Amanda said...

I know! I would've had a REALLY hard time supporting the Red Raiders!

Emily said...

But you do look good in red, so that would've been a consolation.

That is so crazy!