Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cross Country Trek

Last Friday my brother {Matt}, sister-in-law {Jae}, and their 3-year-old daughter {Ella} embarked on their cross-country move from Seattle, WA to Newport, RI. It really doesn't get much more cross-country than that. Can you even imagine doing that drive?! Anyway, Matt has been documenting their journey here if you would like to check it out. They have been stopping at attractions along the way to liven it up a bit. So far they've been to places like Mt. Rushmore, Little Bighorn, and the 'Corn Palace'. Here's a picture of Ella at the Corn Palace, which she apparently enjoyed a lot more than Matt and Jae did. Today they make their way to Wisconsin.

In other news, I've officially started studying for the EPPP. This week's topic is 'Theories and Principles of Learning' {think Pavlov's dogs for those of you who took PSYC 101}. Fun times.

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