Sunday, November 22, 2009

1 Year

Where did the year go!? I gave Kent tickets to see Cory Morrow for our anniversary. Kent loves Texas country music and has been doing without since we moved to Florida. He played last Saturday in Birmingham, so we spent last Saturday there. Here's the only picture we got of us...and half of my face is cut off:

This is where we stayed. I had never stayed in a bed & breakfast before and we both really liked it! It was like staying in someone's home (I guess we technically were).

And here's the year old cake which was actually really good. We even ate it on our china (It's the first time we've used our china).


Emily said...

I can't believe it's been a year already! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

(Also the 1 year anniv. of my first reading of Twilight, since I picked it up for that trip. )

Do you remember the time you wore a scrunchie as a headband?

Amanda said...

Thanks Em! I remember you talking about Twilight when we were getting our hair and makeup done last year.

I DO remember wearing a scrunchie as a headband. What was I doing still owning scrunchies in college!?