Sunday, March 8, 2009

China Cabinet

So after Kent and I got married, we really needed (wanted) a china cabinet so we could take all of our china out of the boxes. We figured we wouldn't be getting one for a while since they're pretty expensive. Every now and then I'll check out craigslist to see if anything strikes my fancy. Well, last week I found this great china cabinet for super cheap. I thought it was too good to be true, but we decided to drive down to Gulf Breeze Friday after work and check it out anyway.

Now, I knew we were in for a long evening because the couple of times I talked to the seller on the phone turned into at least 30-minute long conversations and I found out that she was married 27 years, just went through an awful divorce, just kicked out both of her kids, lives on disability for her vocal chords, has a lab, ex-husband has a girlfriend, she's lonely and all she has is her dog. I really didn't care to know all of that...I just wanted her china cabinet. And no, I did not share with her that I am a psychologist.

So we headed over to her place and she was quite the character. Let me just paint you a picture. 52-year-old woman (she shared that with us), bleach blond hair, spaghetti strap spandex tank top with no bra, short shorts, 3-inch wedge sandals, and a cigarette hanging out of her mouth. She has obviously spent way too much time in the sun and many years smoking cigarettes according to her voice, skin, and teeth. She referred to me as "baby", cursed like a sailor, and to be honest I was a little scared.

We ended up buying her china cabinet and turns out it is a solid wood Ethan Allen piece. We got it for $250...can you believe it! The one downside is that it smells like smoke (go figure). It has 4 boxes of baking soda in it as we speak...and I plan on washing it with Murphy's Oil Soap (thanks google).

On the way home with the china cabinet the lady called me and asked me if I have myspace (are you kidding?!). I knew there was a reason I cancelled my account a couple weeks ago...whew!

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Emily said...

You must take a picture once you have it all arranged!