Sunday, February 22, 2009


No more dissertation!! (Well, except for a few revisions). Last Monday, I finally defended it and after all of my stressing and worrying, it sure was anti-climactic. After presenting and answering questions for about an hour and 45 minutes, they sent me out of the room to talk about me. They brought me back in, each gave me a hug and congratulated me. I gathered my stuff and left thinking "that's it?". It was a weird feeling. After visitng with former co-workers at the counseling center, my mom and I headed back to Holly and Derek's house and I was out until dinner. We ate at Caffe Capri (one of my favorites) and then went back home for celebratory cake that Kent's parents brought from Cameron (as you will see in the pic). Being back in College Station really made me miss Texas...but I'll be back for graduation!! (May 16th-2:00 pm) This weekend I've been very lazy and for once I don't feel guilty about it!


Emily said...

I am SO proud of you! Way to go!!!

Amanda said...

Thanks Em!