Tuesday, June 2, 2009

One of Those Days

I was SO excited to try this recipe when I saw it posted the other day because there's not much better than the peanut butter/ chocolate combo. I spent tonight in the kitchen working on it, spent an hour smelling it, anticipating the moment I could take it out and eat a nice big, warm piece. Well, who woulda thought a loaf pan could be so darn slippery. It completely slipped out of my hands and landed upsidedown IN the oven. How does that even happen?! Leave it to me. This is what's left:

I almost cried. Kent had to come in and retrieve what was left {after he heard my scream from the kitchen} becuase I couldn't bear to do it. On top of that, our A/C went out this afternoon and they can't get anyone out until tomorrow. FYI- Florida is HOT in June. Here's to having a better tomorrow!

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